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Rick Schroder - photograph by Kyle Kendrew

Black Cloud is the first film written and directed by veteran actor Rick Schroder. Inspired by Navajo boxer Lowell Bahe's ambition to fight in the 2008 Olympics, Schroder developed his script about a Navajo man competing to place on the Olympic boxing team. Schroder first became passionate about boxing while filming The Champ, for which he won a 1979 Golden Globe for New Star of the Year. Schroder is best known for his lead roles on the television series NYPD Blue and Silver Spoons. Schroder lives in the Phoenix Valley in Arizona, and was born on Staten Island in New York.

August 2004


"I created Black Cloud to give the Indian youth a hero of their own. Through imagination and faith, the locks and walls around each of us can crumble—which can lead us to dare to accomplish. Within each of us are amazing possibilities."

Screened by NMAI:

Black Cloud (2004), Writer, Cast, Director


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