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Staffan Julén

The films of Swedish documentary director and cinematographer Staffan Julén have focused on the Inughuit people of the world's northernmost community, the Thule district of Greenland. Julén uses his camera to explore the history and traditions of the area, including the impact of polar explorations and local military bases. His 2006 film The Prize of the Pole follows Hivshu, the great-grandson of explorer Robert Peary, as he attempts to uncover the fate of the six Inuit who were taken from their native Greenland to New York as evidence of polar conquest. The film was named Best Expedition Film at the 2008 Explorers Club Film Festival and was featured during the Museum of Modern Art's 2008 Documentary Fortnight. In 1985 Julén produced and co-directed (with Ylva Julén) Inughuit: People at the Navel of the Earth, a beautifully filmed documentary about the stories, both traditional and modern, of contemporary Inughuit, as they describe their experiences of contact and recount their own ways.

August 2008

Screened by NMAI:

The Prize of the Pole (2006), Writer, Director


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