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Phil Lucas - courtesy of the filmmaker

Phil Lucas (Choctaw) has worked in film and television for thirty years, receiveing the Taos Mountain Award for lifetime achievement from the Taos Talking Picture Festival in 1999. Among the many subjects he has covered are Native rights, Native arts, and health and well-being in Native communities. His film Restoring the Sacred Circle won the Best Public Service Award at the 2002 American Indian Film Festival in San Francisco. Lucas was a participant in the 1999 Sundance Screenwriter's Lab. He has taught filmmaking workshops for young Native people and now teaches media communications and technology at Bellevue Community College, where he coordinated an American Indian film festival in 2004. Lucas lives in Issaquah, Washington.

March 2005


Lucas on Vis à Vis: Native Tongues: "It was really wonderful to bring together an Aboriginal artist and an American Indian performance artist. You begin to see, even though they are from clear across the world apart from one another, the similarities: the way they approach their work and the fact that, because of the colonization process that happened to both peoples, they react in similar ways. This is a tremendous amount of creativity and I like the idea of the challenge to the human spirit and the ability to overcome that through their work."

Screened by NMAI:

Vis à Vis: Native Tongues (2003), Director
Storytellers of the Pacific: Self-Determination (1996), Director, Producer
Storytellers of the Pacific: Identity (1996), Director, Producer


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