I Am Anishinaabe
I Am But a Little Woman
I Belong to This
I Lost My Shadow
i scream, floats and Sundays: Visual Meditations Inspired by Hawaiian Women
I Turn My Head
Iauaretê: Waterfall of the Jaguars
If the Name Has to Go...
If the Weather Permits
I'm a Lucky One
Imagining Indians
Imbé Gikegü/The Scent of Pequi Fruit
In Our Language
In the Days of Drought
In the Footsteps of Yellow Woman
In the Land of the Headhunters
In the Light of Reverence
In This Manner, I Am
In Whose Honor?
Incident at Oglala
Incident at Rock Roe
Indian Country Diaries: Spiral of Fire
Indian Elvis
Indian Having a Coffee with Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg and Ernest Hemingway
Indian Relay
Indian Santa
Indians for Indians: A Radio Program
Indigenous Elvis Works the Medicine Line
Indigenous Suriname
Injunuity: Buried
Injunuity: The Great Law
Injunuity: Tongues
Injunuity: Two Spirit
Interview with Alice McCabe
Interview with Einstein
Into the Circle: An Introduction to Oklahoma Powwows and Celebrations
Intrepid Shadows
Introduction to the Chiapas Media Project
Inuit High Kick
Iron Nation
Iroquois Women: The Three Sisters
The Iroquois
Is the Crown at War with Us?
The Island
ištíŋma/ to rest
It Starts with a Whisper
Itam Hakim, Hopiit
I've Been Bingo-ed By My Baby
Ix Tasana Tiyat/Cry of the Earth