Ma Ka Malu Ali'i: The Legacy of Hawaii's Ali'i
Mac v. PC
Magic Wands
Making Samson and Delilah
Making the River
The Man From Venus
Mann v. Ford
Manoomin: A Minnesota Way of Life
Mapohiceto/Not Listening
Mapu Rakiduam/The Other View
Maq and the Spirit of the Woods
El Mar Es de Todos/The Sea Belongs to All of Us
Marangmotxíngmo Mïrang/From the Ikpeng Children to the World
Marble Gangsta
March Point
Maria and Julian's Black Pottery
Mars Womb-Man
The Master and Divino
Mata Hou: Te Reo
Matto Saina-Ta As Hurao/The Return of the Elder Hurao
Mauna Kea - Temple Under Siege
Mayan Reign
Mayan Voices, American Lives
Mbya Mirim
The Medicine Game
Medicine Walker
Meeting Ancestors
Mémère Métisse/My Métis Grandmother
Memory in Bones
Meskanahk/My Path
A Message from Pandora
Metrosexual Indian
Mi Chacra/My Land
Might of the Starchaser
Migmaoei Otjiosog/Mi'kmaq Family
Migrar o Morir/Paying the Price: Migrant Workers in the Toxic Fields of Sinaloa
The Migration
Mi'kmaq Baskets: The Tradition
The Minister of State
Mino-Bimadiziwin: The Good Life
A Minor Disturbance
Miss Navajo
The Missing Child
La Mission
Mitote Tepehuano/Tepehuan Rain Ceremony
Moccasin Flats: Redemption
Moccasin Flats: The Other Side
Moccasin Flats: Whose Team Are You On?
Moccasin Flats
Mohawk Basketmaking
Mohawk Girls
Mohawk Midnight Runners
Mokoi Tekoá Petei Jeguatá/Two Villages, One Path
Mom n' Me
More than a Museum
Mosquita y Mari
Moss Origins
Mother Earth in Crisis: A Moment of Reflection
Much'Tal Jedz/When We Speak, We Do So Only Once
Mujeres del Mismo Valor/Women of Equal Worth
Mun Ja Mun
Mungo Martin: A Slender Thread
Music and Dance of the Senecas
Music Is the Medicine
My Big Fat Diet
My First Contact
My Indian Name
My Legacy
My Louisiana Love
My Mother's Rebozo
My Name is Kahentiiosta
My Name Is Kobe
My Spirit Speaks
My Three Friends