Tainá-Kan, The Big Star
Taller en Juchitán/Workshop in Juchitán
Tama Tu
Taua/War Party
Tava, a casa de pedra/Tava, The House of Stone
Te Mac'te/Zapata's Garden
Te Rua
Teachings of the Tree People: The Work of Bruce Miller
Tehokkenhén:tons (Close to Death)
Telling the Stories: Nde Bitsiighaa
Tem Que Ser Curioso/You Have to Be Curious
Tentayape: La Última Casa/Tentayape: The Last House
El Territorio: Legado de Nuestros Hijos/Territory: Our Children's Legacy
That Girl
Then There Were None
A Thief of Time
This Is Me
This May Be the Last Time
A Thousand Roads
Three Poems by Heid E. Erdrich
The Three Sevens
Throat Song
Through the Blue Tunnel
Through the Looking Glass
Throw Away Kids
Thunderbird Woman: Winona LaDuke
La Tierra Es Nuestra Esperanza/The Land Is Our Hope: Resistance to the "Plan Puebla Panama"
La Tierra Es Nuestra/The Land Is Ours
Tierra Madre/Sacred Earth
Time of Angels
The Time When Dreams Melt
T'Lina: The Rendering of Wealth
To Play the Games
To Return: The John Walkus Story
Today Is a Good Day: Remembering Chief Dan George
Tonto Plays Himself
Totem Talk
Totem: The Return of the G'psgolox Pole
Tracks in the Snow
A Traditional Kind of Woman: Too Much, Not 'Nuff
The Trail of Tears: Cherokee Legacy
Transitions: Destruction of a Mother Tongue
The Tribunal
Trick or Treaty
True Whispers: The Story of the Navajo Code Talkers
Tsi tkahéhtayen/The Garden
Tsõ'rehipãri, Sangradouro
Tsu Héidei Shugaxtutaan I and II
Tunniit: Retracing the Lines of Inuit Tattoos
Turix: Dragonflies Without Borders
Turning of the Child
The Turtle and the Shark
Tuturi Wiricutamieme/Flowers in the Desert
The TV
The Twenty-First Annual World Eskimo-Indian Olympics
Two Cars, One Night
Two Grey Hills
Two Scoops
Two Spirited
Two Winters: Tales from Above the Earth
Two Worlds Colliding
Two Worlds Inside Out